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the church in Yorba Linda

Brief History

Since the Living Stream Ministry began its full-time training in mid 1980ís, many of us have been helped by the messages released by brother Witness Lee concerning the carrying out of Godís eternal economy in the God ordained way. Since the church is the testimony, expression, and counterpart of Christ, the practical way to carry out His economy is to live according to the God ordained way, which is, in brief, to have a proper daily Christian living by contacting and enjoying the Lord. In addition to having such a living, the believers need one another in order to go on together, as shown in Matthew 18:15-20. We begin by begetting new believers in the divine life; we cherish and nourish one another with Godís life; we teach one another the truth; and we edify and build up one another, all of which depends on our genuine experience of Christ in the proper church life.

Under this vision, in late 1989, some of the believers in the churches in Southern California such as Anaheim, Cerritos and Fullerton moved to the nearby city of Yorba Linda. After some fellowship, we were led by the Lord to establish His testimony in Yorba Linda. As a result, the first Lordís table meeting (1Corinthians 10:21) in Yorba Linda took place on June 3, 1990, and we began to meet in oneness as the church in Yorba Linda. We can testify that meeting in oneness with all the believers has brought in a deeper, richer, and fuller experience and enjoyment of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. Under the Lordís sovereignty, we have been meeting in Yorba Linda for ten years now.

By His mercy and grace we are continuing steadfastly by enjoying the Lord ď... with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heartĒ (2 Timothy 2:22). With the continuing supply and the encouragement we receive from the Living Stream Ministry, we are also blending in sweet fellowship with the churches in localities throughout the world. Praise the Lord!

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